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Interwebnet L.L.C. and its representative Service Marks, strive to protect network resources and preserve the privacy and security of our customers while recognizing our position in the Internet community as a whole. By becoming a client of Interweb you agree to the all applicable policies as shown below, including but not limited to the Interweb Usage Terms, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Acceptable Use and Usage Policy. Under the Interwebnet L.L.C. Acceptable Use and Usage Policy, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Interweb from any claims resulting from your conduct and/or use of the service which damages you or another party.
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The following policies may be changed at any time and may be viewed at your discretion. All of the following files are in PDF format. Get adobe acrobat reader here.

Client Autopay Form
Terms of Service
Acceptable Use
Customer Survey
Client Analysis Questionnaire
Understanding Webalizer Statistics
Interweb EULA
Online Policies
Privacy Policy
Service Level Agreement for Dedicated Servers

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